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What We Offer

Content Automation. Lead Generation Bots. Social Media Automation

The Custom Content Automation Suite

Problem Solved: Streamlining and automating the content creation process for blogs, social media, and other digital content needs.

What’s Included:

A fully customized content automation setup using AI tools tailored to your industry’s specific needs.

Integration with Slack and Airtable for seamless team collaboration and content management.

A set of pre-built, customizable content templates for blogs, social media, and other formats.

One-on-one initial setup consultation and a self-guided training module for easy adoption.

Three months of technical support and minor customization adjustments.

Self-Service Lead Generation Bot

Problem Solved: Resource-heavy lead generation processes.

What’s Included:

Deployment of a customizable AI-powered lead generation bot from a set of pre-configured options.

Simple CRM integration for automated data collection.

An online dashboard for clients to self-monitor and analyze lead generation performance.

A recorded training session on bot management and optimization.

Email support with a 48-hour response time for the first two months.

Plug-and-Play Social Media Automation

Problem Solved: Consistent social media presence requiring regular manual input.

What’s Included:

Implementation of a pre-configured AI-driven social media content scheduler, customized to the client’s branding.

A selection of ready-to-use content prompts and templates suitable for various industries.

An initial setup walkthrough webinar and access to a digital guidebook for ongoing use.

Monthly automated performance analytics reports for three months.

Email query resolution with a specified turnaround time, ensuring manageable support load.

Scalability for Your Company: Focuses on standardized, easy-to-implement solutions with automated reporting.

Comprehensive Content & Customer Service Automation System

Problem Solved: Integrating and managing separate systems for content creation and customer service.

What’s Included:

A unified automation system combining content creation and customer service bots.

Pre-designed templates and workflows for both content and customer service, with basic customization options.

One group onboarding session and a comprehensive digital resource center.

Bi-monthly automated system performance reports for the first six months.

Limited scheduled Q&A webinars for client queries.

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White Glove Onboarding:

Our founders will personally guide you through onboarding and setup with VIP treatment.

Priority Feature Influence:

We’ll engage your team to understand desired AI features and prioritize builds suggested by our early adopters.

Exclusive Pricing:

As an early adopter, you’ll lock in special discounted pricing as long as you remain a subscriber.

Dedicated Support:

Our founders will provide dedicated support and learn from your feedback during the critical launch period.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The suite is designed for all industries, with AI tools that are tailored to meet specific content needs.

The integration allows for seamless collaboration and efficient content management, keeping everyone on the same page with real-time updates.

The suite includes customizable templates for blogs, social media, and other formats, designed to be easily adapted to your specific content strategies.

The bot automates the lead generation process, collecting data based on pre-configured options, and integrates with your CRM for streamlined data management.

Yes, an online dashboard is provided for you to self-monitor and analyze your lead generation performance.

Yes, there is a recorded training session on bot management and optimization to help you maximize its effectiveness.

It’s designed to be user-friendly, with pre-configured AI-driven scheduling tools that can be quickly customized to match your brand and content strategy.

The service includes a variety of content prompts and templates suitable for different industries to help maintain a consistent and engaging social media presence.

Support includes email query resolution with a specified turnaround time, ensuring manageable support load for your team.

The system provides a unified platform that combines automation for both content creation and customer service, streamlining the workflow and ensuring consistency.

Onboarding includes a group session and access to a comprehensive digital resource center for continuous learning and system management.

You’ll receive automated system performance reports bi-monthly for the first six months to help you track the effectiveness and impact of the system.